GameCube Fan Replacement

Update your Gamecube with a brand new fan! This kit contains everything you need to install a standard 50mmx10mm PC fan into your gamecube. The fan is prewired to the standard gamecube plug so it is complete plug and play with no soldering needed. The fan is specifically picked to have a close amperage to the original fan so it will not cause any issues. It actually draws less power than the original and is very quiet and is BRAND NEW, save yourself the headache and don’t buy a used OEM fan that is 20+ years old. The 3d printed part is required for a standard PC fan to fit properly.




Optional Included items are:

Noiseblocker XS-1 silent fan, 3d Printed Part, Cable Adapter


  • Silent Fan
  • 6.77 CFM fan flow rate
  • Similar power draw to original Game Cube Fan
  • All housing included

The 3D print for this is licensed under creative commons attribution and was originally created by Colingall. The model is available for free on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3117104

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