N64 Region Free Mod

This is a very simple and useful upgrade for your N64 that allows it to play games from any region. The N64 uses a small tab on the cartridge slot to region lock its system. You can simply replace that slot with the 3D printed version without any tabs and your system can now play any region games. Please contact for bulk orders.

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What’s Included
A single N64 plastic tray piece that you can install to make your Nintendo 64 region free
Other Notes
  • Easily installed with a Nintendo gamebit screwdriver
  • Play games from any region
To Install
**Requires a 4.5mm security/gamebit screwdriver (~$3 on ebay) and a regular phillips screwdriver.
  1. Remove the five screws on the bottom of the unit with your gamebit screwdriver, there are 3 on the back and 1 under each front foot.
  2. Open Remove the cover.
  3. Remove the screws holding the original tray with a phillips screwdriver.
  4. Install the new cartridge slot.
  5. Put unit back together.
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