N64 with RGB Deblur and Region Free Mod

Enjoy playing classic N64 on a more modern TV with the upgraded video RGB output. This is an upgraded N64 with Tim Worthington’s RGB mod with deblur. We have found this particular RGB mod to be far better than most of the other RGB boards you will find out there. The region free tray allows you to play games from anywhere without any region lock. You will want to pick up a standard N64 SCART cable to hook this up and you will need to adapt it to HDMI or component using something like a retroTink or a FrameMeister.

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This is the clear blue Nintendo 64 with the following mods

  • Tim Worthington’s RGB mod with deblur – This is the best quality RGB mod you will find
  • Region Free
  • Console cleaned inside and out

Controller, jumper pack, and power cable are also included so you are ready to game!

The photos are stock so the actual console you get may be in slightly different condition.

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