Ultimate Modded Gameboy Advance

This is the best version of the Gameboy Advance that you can make. With an adjustable IPS screen, new case, glass screen, rechargeable battery, overclock dial, audio amp, and dehum/dehiss mod done it gives you the best gaming experience from your GBA. The overclock mod gives you a switch that you can turn on to enable overclock mode. In overclock mode you can move the dial to adjust the speed. No more slow grinding on games like Pokemon or Final Fantasy, you can level up at up to 16x for some games. When you want regular speed or link cable play simply switch back into regular speed mode! A must have mod for the GBA.

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Mods Included

  • Funny Playing Adjustable IPS V2 Screen – This is a beautiful screen mod that gives you an excellent looking backlit screen. The brightness level can be adjusted up or down by pressing both select and L or R.
  • Glass Screen Cover – This cover looks and feels great
  • 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery – This battery gives you 10+ hours of gaming and supports the low battery indicator. When it is low simply plug it into a USB-C cable to charge. This is the longest lasting battery we have found out there.
  • Overclock Mod – This is our own version on the overclock mod that uses a custom designed 3d printed adapter to secure a switch and dial in the GBA. With this mod the GBA works in 2 modes, first normal mode which is regular speed and allows the classic feel and link cable play. Flip the switch and  you get variable speed mode. By turning the dial you can adjust the speed of your game up to 16x! Be careful in this mode though not every game can handle 16x without crashing but they can all support up to 4x.
  • Audio Amp EMI Elimination – An electromagnetic interference elimination audio amp has been installed for boosted sound quality and volume
  • Dehum Dehiss – The retrosix dehum dehiss mod has been done on this to reduce background noise.
  • 1W Upgraded Speaker – The upgraded speaker gives you better audio quality and is louder than the original.
  • New Case – The new case includes new pads and buttons.

This is an excellent GBA console and has everything you would want packed into a brand new case with new buttons and pads! Other colors may be available by request and we can also do custom GBAs by request.

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