Modded Sega Dreamcast DCHDMI and GDEMU in Clear Blue

This is the fully upgraded version of the Dreamcast in clear blue. Prepare to be blown away by the stunning video from the HDMI port provided by the DC Digital. The DCHDMI is soldered directly into the motherboard and pulls the video directly from the GPU to output it at its best possible quality. With a GDEMU you can load all your game backups onto an SD card without having to deal with disk changing or a failing disk drive. Other mods that fix the common problems with the Dreamcast have also been done such as a resettable fuse, 12V rail removed from the power supply, and more. Time to get back into those old games in on your modern HDTV!

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This is a professionally restored Dreamcast with the following upgrades:

  • DCHDMI Installed to output 1080p video straight to HDMI updated to the latest firmware so you will never need to modify or change firmware or settings.
  • GDEMU clone V5.15 installed with your choice of tray adapter. You can see the three tray options in one of the photos or see them in our Dreamcast mods/parts section
  • Noctua fan installed with custom fan adapter
  • 64GB SD Card with the GDEMU menu and software to add your own backups along with detailed instructions
  • Replaceable clock battery holder with a changeable battery, new battery also installed
  • Controller port resettable fuse – The stock one commonly breaks causing the controller port to fail, this one will reset if it blows by unplugging the console.
  • One piece noctua console latch upgrade for long lasting durability
  • 12V rail removed from your PSU to keep the heat under control, it is no longer needed with a GDEMU or an optional picoPSU
  • Rare clear blue console, controller, and VMU
  • Console completely cleaned inside and out
  • Choice of LED color

Bundled Items included

  • Console
  • Controller
  • 64GB SD Card
  • VMU – colors may vary but will usually be white.
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI mini to full size HDMI adapter
  • HDMI Cable <- Free but by request only, just leave a checkout note if you want one.



The console controller and VMU have been completely cleaned. The case, picoPSU, GDEMU, SD card, Noctua fan are all brand new. Everything is mostly scratch/scuff free but there still may be a few very small scratches or scuffs that were not possible to remove.

Photos are stock but taken of a typical console after the mods are done. Of course the case is new but the controller and VMU may be in slightly different condition than the photo but the photo is a very close approximation to what you will receive.

DCHDMI, SD card, noctua fan, GDEMU, and tray are all brand new.

Games are not included as it’s illegal to buy or sell copied versions of games. The SD card has the GDEMU setup software for adding your own games along with instructions that will help get you going. Please reach out to us if you need support with this.

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