Retro Console Recap Service

*Note* We are not doing general recaps at this time without first contacting us. If you want a recap please send a message through the website.
This is our standard recap service for your retro console. It replaces all the capacitors for your retro console and includes a cleaning of the inside of the console. This covers most consoles but please message us first to verify if your console is not listed.

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How it works

After your purchase we will provide you with a shipping address. Please print your receipt and package your console and send it in. We will get to work ASAP and send it back once it is done. Internal cleaning is also done. Turn around time can vary but it is usually pretty fast. It may be longer if we need a particular part that is out of stock.

**Please leave a note in the checkout letting us know what console you will be sending!

Consoles that are included

  • Dreamcast
  • N64
  • Xbox
  • Gameboy Variants
  • GameGear
  • Sega CD Mk 1
  • TurboExpress
  • TurboDuo
  • Panasonic 3DO
  • Other consoles (just ask)
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