SEGA Dreamcast MODE Tray Insert

This is a 3D Printed insert to cover the gap that is caused by removing the GD-ROM drive from the Sega Dreamcast when installing the Terraonion MODE ODE (Optical Drive Emulator). This also includes the SD extender that gives you a full sized SD card on the top of the Dreamcast so you have the option of also using a full size SD. It has a button as well so you can still use the disk swap button on your MODE. This mod is compatible with all other Dreamcast mods such as Noctua Fan upgrade, DCDigital and PicoPSU!

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What’s included:

3D printed MODE tray insert piece, button, screws, and SD Extension Cable.

Other Notes

  • This top loading tray puts the SD card as far forward as possible for the easiest access
  • Easily screws into the bottom of your Dreamcast Shell
  • Full sized SD card access on the top of the Dreamcast
  • Colors not listed may be available upon request
  • Compatible with Terraonion MODE ODE optical drive emulator
  • Now you can access your SD card without having to open up your console! This also gives you a full sized SD slot so you have more SD options
  • Compatible with other Dreamcast mods such as noctua fan or pico PSU

For Terraonion MODE, the GDEMU version is available here.

If you have a big hard drive and just want the cover without the SD extender that is available here.

To Install

  1. Secure the adapter to the insert with provided screws.
  2. Secure the top insert to the lid piece using the three provided screws.
  3. Plug in the SD extension cable – you will need to lift the MODE a bit to do this since it is a very tight fit.
  4. Reassemble your dreamcast, insert the button, and your done!




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