Sega Saturn Fenrir or MODE Tray Cover

This extends the micro SD slot to the top of your console giving you a full sized SD card slot and allowing you to change the card without needing to open your shell or requiring ninja hands. Please note that this is a full size SD which gives you flexibility to use either a full size SD or a micro SD with an adapter. This screws directly to the bottom of your shell. For the Fenrir ODE you will need to clip the tops off of the plastic stands that hold the ODE chip, this is easily done with a pair of wire cutters or any cutters, they arent needed for anything now that the CD-Rom drive is gone.

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What’s Included

3D Printed Fenrir or MODE tray insert piece, SD Extension Cable, and screws

Other Notes

  • Works for any version of Fenrir ODE or Terraonion MODE ODE
  • Provides a full size SD slot on the top of the Sega Saturn
  • Easily screws into the bottom shell of the Sega Saturn

To Install:

  1. Secure the SD extension cable into the plastic tray adapter with provided small screws.
  2. Place on underside of the Sega Saturn shell, you will see the holes align with some pegs on the Saturn.
  3. Screw the four large screws to secure the tray into the Sega Saturn.
  4. If you have a Fenrir clip the disk drive mounting pegs just above the Fenrir with some wire cutters or any kind of cutter or knife.
  5. Plug into your ODE, reassemble the console and your good to go!


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