Dreamcast GDEMU Tray With Slots

This is a one piece mount and GDEMU tray solution that gives you 4 SD slots for additional storage. This tray is preferred if you do not modify your power supply since it gives better airflow over the power supply than other designs do. This gives easy access to the SD card and disk swap button. A must have for any GDEMU!

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What’s Included

3D printed GDEMU tray piece, screws to install everything

Other Notes

  • Gives you 4 extra SD slots
  • One piece design for easy installation
  • Compatible with any GDEMU model
  • Better for cooling than other designs
  • Everything is secured in the Dreamcast with screws
  • Compatible with all other Dreamcast mods such as noctua fan or picoPSU

To Install

  1. Secure GDEMU to tray with provided screws but do not fully tighten.
  2. Place in console and plug GDEMU.
  3. Secure tray to console with provided screw.
  4. Replace Dreamcast lid.
  5. Tighten screws for GDEMU
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