Send in Service: Mod My Dreamcast

This is the send in service to get your Dreamcast upgrade it includes the DCHDMI and GDEMU by default and you pick the other mods. We will supply all parts necessary for these mods. If you want to send in parts those can be also installed but you may need to message us to get an accurate estimate.

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This is our DCHDMI DC Digital GDEMU upgrade service. Pick and choose additional possible upgrades or colors.

You supply the Dreamcast and we supply and install everything else! Photos are of some of our builds

What mods are included:
  • GDEMU with your choice of tray adapter. You can see the three tray options in one of the photos or see them in our Dreamcast mods/parts section
  • DCHDMI aka DC Digital which gives you an HDMI port native from your DC. This is the best possible video from a DC
  • 64GB SD Card with the GDEMU menu and software to add your own backups along with detailed instructions
  • Slotted battery post and a fresh battery
  • Controller port resettable fuse – The stock one commonly breaks causing the controller port to fail, this one will reset itself if it blows by unplugging the console. Also if your controller port is currently broken we will fix it
  • 12V rail removed from your PSU to keep the heat under control, it is no longer needed with a GDEMU
  • Console whitened (if it was white), this reverses the yellowing without using anything that will damage or change the dreamcast (not with paint or abrasives) if its really bad I may not be able to get back to the launch day white
  • Console completely cleaned inside and out
  • Choice of LED color

Other Optional Add-ons:

  • Noctua fan upgrade with your choice of colored latch and fan shroud (This part is mostly unseen so the default is black but if you have a preference or a clear shell you can leave a checkout note with a color)
  • PicoPSU with with your choice of color for the case plug
  • Send us a message if you don’t see what you want we can do other custom packages by request
Most mods require a version 1 console. However some can be done to other versions. If you do not have a V1 console message us with what you want and we will see if we can make it work. Currently fast turn around time but it could depend on how yellow your shell is.
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