DCHDMI/DCDigital Installation Service

This is a send in service for the DCHDMI installation. Prepare to be blown away by the stunning video from the HDMI port provided by the DC Digital. The DCHDMI is soldered directly into the motherboard and pulls the video directly from the GPU to output it at its best possible quality. This is as good as the picture and sounds gets for the Dreamast. Options are available for you to send in your own Dreamcast with or without your own DCHDMI so if you do not have the DCHDMI we can provide it for you.

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This installation service includes:

  • DCHDMI installed
  • Console cleaned inside
  • All Parts included (optional or you can send your DCHDMI in)

DCHDMI notes

  • Gives you HDMI mini output on your Dreamcast
  • Pulls digital video and audio directly from the motherboard for unmodified digital signal
  • Scales to 1080p
  • Scan lines optional
  • Bob deinterlacing
  • Plug directly into your HDTV

If you want the full Dreamcast service which includes the GDEMU, Noctua fan, power supply etc that is here

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