Broken HDMI Port Replacement

Get that console video output fixed with this repair service. This service will fix your broken HDMI port by replacing it with a brand new port.

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This is the repair service to fix a broken HDMI port on most consoles. Simply send in your console to us to the address we provide after the purchase and include a copy of your receipt email so we can identify your console. We take care of the rest. Parts are included. It also includes a full vacuum and clean out of the interior of the console. This will guarantee the HDMI port but if there are other problems with your console this will not cover those.


After your purchase you will receive an address to send your console. Carefully pack and mail your console to that address and include a copy of your paid receipt so we know from whom the console was sent and the work that is to be done. That is it, you will receive back a fixed console in no time. Our typical turnaround time is 1-3 days from receipt depending on the current orders.

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