Saturn Blank Cover for Fenrir, MODE, or Phoebe/Rhea

This is a blank cover plate if you have a MODE, fenrir, Rhea/Phoebe and you dont ever need to access the SD card or USB. If you like to load the drive once and forget it this is perfect for you. It gives a clean look to the Saturn and finishes the install.

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What’s Included

3D printed blank cover plate, Screws

Other Notes

  • Covers the opening from removing your disk drive
  • Clean look
  • No SD card slot

To Install:

  1. Place on underside of the Sega Saturn shell, you will see the holes align with some pegs on the Saturn.
  2. Screw the four large screws to secure the tray into the Sega Saturn.
  3. If you have a Fenrir clip the disk drive mounting pegs just above the Fenrir with some wire cutters or any kind of cutter or knife.
  4. Reassemble the console and your good to go!
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