Dreamcast DCHDMI DCDigital DIY Install Kit

The DCHDMI aka DCDigital is the HDMI upgrade mod for your Dreamcast. This gives you an internal HDMI mini port on the back of your Dreamcast. It is the best possible audio and video you can get out of a Dreamcast. This board will output full 1080p, 960p and 480p and allows you to connect the Dreamcast directly to your HDTV. It is also capable of receiving configurations and firmware updates over wifi. Complete with the installation manual and 3d printed alignment part this kit has everything you need to get your install done but be warned, this is for an experienced modder with good soldering skills. Please consider sending in your console for us to do it if you are not confident about very fine soldering work.

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Whats Included

DCHDMI Board, Flex Cable, Wifi Antenna, 3D printed Drill Template, Screws and nuts, Installation Manual


  • The best possible A/V from your Dreamcast featuring 1080P, 960P, 480P
  • Optional scanlines
  • In game reset
  • Wifi updates


This mod is compatible with VA0 and VA1 motherboards only. All boards are tested and verified to function before they are sent out. We do not offer refunds on this item from a damaged chip or flex cable during the installation but we will offer support and guidance if you need help. If you are unsure about your ability to install it please reach out for us to install it for you. Take a look at the official installation video here before ordering. This is an open source product which was created by Citrus3000 and Chriz2600 special thanks to them for all of their hard work and service to the retro gaming community.

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